Episode 9 – The Day the Earth Stood Still

Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

B&W film about an alien visitor, Klaatu and his killer robot, Gort.

A flying saucer lands in the Washington Mall. Klaatu emerges and gets shot by a trigger happy soldier. In the hospital he tells the president’s secretary he traveled 250 million miles in five months travel to tell all the people of Earth of impending doom.
Klaatu escapes the hospital to live among people and befriends a boy, Bobby. They go to meet Prof. Barnhardt in order to meet the greatest scientists in the world. Arranges a demo of power, all electricity off for a half an hour. Mrs Benson learns klaatu identity but so does her boyfriend. He tells her that if anything happens to tell GORT, klaatu barada nikto.They are caught by the military and klaatu gets shot. She goes to Gort, says the words and he goes and get klaatus body. The spaceship revives him and when they exit the ship, the scientists, the military and media were all there and he tells them the message.

Based on “Farewell to the Master”, by Harry Bates. Spaceship designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Gort’s suit was made of two neoprene suits worn by 7’7” tall Lock Martin to give an impression of seamlessness.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

Frozen wasteland. Keanu Reeves. Glowy orb.
Cut to a woman who specializes in extremophiles. She gets rushed by the gov to the site of a ship landing in Manhatten. It’s recorded at traveling 3×10^7 meters/sec up until it landed. Intro glowey sphere thing!!!! And the military. Who shoot the alien and GORT arrives, but is shut down by the injured alien. This part alien part human is “reborn” in surgery as KEANU/KLAATU. The military of course takes over and he owns them with psychic powers. He escapes with Helen and develops some respect for them after meeting Prof Barnhardt. GORT turns into a plague of human eating insects after the spheres collect animal specimens, like an ark. Klaatu saves everyone by sacrificing himself and the ship leaves. SO BIBLEY.

The theme music in this episode is URBAN JUNGLE 2061 by Eric Matyas www.soundimage.org

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