Episode 10 – Predator

Special ops, probably Delta Force, lead by Arnold (Dutch), go into the Guatemalan jungle on a rescue mission only to find themselves being hunted by an advanced unknown threat. It’s revealed there was no rescue mission, but that doesn’t stop the predator from picking off everyone one by one until only Dutch is left. In an epic balls out Macguyver showdown he forces the predator to self destruct.

Predator 2
LA cop played by Danny Glover goes on a Predator rampage. He thinks it’s rival drug gangs, but soon finds both sides are dying. FBI agent keeps blocking his investigation, but things finally come to a head when Glover finds their secret base and trap. It fails and he fights and finally kills the predator.

Mercenaries, military, criminals, and a doctor, all the biggest monsters of our world find themselves thrown onto a jungle planet/ game reserve. They have to outsmart three predators and avoid traps and alien hound pigs. In the end they find out the doctor is the most despicable of them and the sociopath that leads them is the most humane, although a bit utilitarian.

Alien v predator
Wayland industries senses a heat signature in Antarctica and sends a team of experts to track down an ancient pyramid. They interrupt a hunting session of predators, taking their weapons and setting the xenomorph free. Of course they were lured there since you can have a bunch of aliens without hosts to incubate them.

AVP Requiem
An alien/predator hybrid, a predalien, perhaps makes it to earth after the last movie after killing the rest of the predators, but not before one sets off a distress call causing Wolf to leave what is presumably their home world to eliminate all traces of alien presence on earth. They then find themselves in a angsty teen drama in a small Colorado town that is quickly overrun by aliens and the predator hunts the aliens and anyone who sees him.

The theme music in this episode is URBAN JUNGLE 2061 by Eric Matyas www.soundimage.org

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