Episode 6 – Alien

The Plot A crew is brought out of hyper-sleep early to investigate a distress call, one that results in the crew getting massacred and a new kind of alien, xenomorphs, to begin terrorizing the colonies and coveted by the Company for use as a bioweapon. The Franchise

  1. Movies (1-4)
    1. Alien (1979) xenomorph infests a cargo ship and kills everyone except Ripley.
    2. Aliens (1986) Ripley wakes up having been rescued, but finds out a colony has developed on the Alien planet, which she has to save. Intro of the Queen.
    3. Alien 3 (1992) Ripley crashes on a prison planet and tries to save the population, but finds out she has a queen embryo inside her.
    4. Alien Resurrection (1997) directed by Jeunet and written by Joss Whedon. Ripley is resurrected 200 years later but an error in the process leaves her part alien. The military hopes to weaponize aliens and it’s up to her and a crew of smugglers to stop them.
  2. Comics and graphic novels
  3. Games

The Science

  1. Space travel
    1. Cryo
    2. Tow vehicles with cargo
    3. Mining operations
  2. Aliens
    1. Genetic adaption through endoparasitic breeding
    2. Egg-larva-adult/ queen-drone setup
    3. Uses host’s genes to strengthen own survivability
      1. human/alien
      2. cow/alien
  3. Androids
    1. Ash betrays the crew by order of the Company.
    2. Bishop sacrifices himself for the crew
  4. Computers (Mother)

The Production

  1. Creature design and implementation
    1. H. R. Giger design aliens
    2. First alien had over 900 moving parts
    3. 6’10” actor Bolaji Badejo
    4. Used cow and sheep innards for eggs and facehugger
    5. Both the bloody chest burster scene in Alien and the knife scene in Aliens were done without the actor’s knowledge, making for more realistic reactions
    6. Ron Cobb designed Nostromo
    7. 6 people to puppet the alien, 14 for the queen

The Themes

  1. Man vs self
  2. Man vs other
  3. Motherhood
  4. Sexuality
    1. Phallic and vaginal imagery (HR Giger)
    2. Rape

The Good

  1. Strong female role model of the millennium
  2. Most realistic model on how we’ll travel deep space.
  3. Suspense, Lighting, Sound
  4. The black guy isn’t the first to die

The Bad

  1. They did too many movies
  2. Time line gets screwed up

The theme music in this episode is URBAN JUNGLE 2061 by Eric Matyas www.soundimage.org

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