Episode 12 – The Thing

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John carpenter director
Screenplay by bill Lancaster
Kurt Russell star
Based on “Who Goes There?” By John w. Campbell jr

Dog runs into camp, chased by Norwegian helicopter.
Spoiler in Norwegian
“Get the hell away
It’s not a dog
It’s a thing
It’s imitating a dog
It’s not real
Get away idiots!”

Doggie escapes,  Norwegians get blown up/shot by Americans.
The Captain breaks out the window… In Antarctica…
They go investigate the camp, found to be abandoned and burnt down. They find a totally deformed body burned with kerosene, which they take back. Back at camp doggie is still freely roaming the base. He’s finally put with the other dogs when it turns inside out and gnarly and attacks the dogs. Clark finds the monster and they call for a flamethrower. The doc explains that the thing was in the middle of absorbing the dogs.
The Americans go to investigate and find the spaceship.
Computer simulation. Answers questions Alien like. Confirms the thing is highly contagious and probably already infected a crew member.
It attacks Bennings and runs outside where they burn it. Blair is dismantling the equipment and shooting at people and gets quarantined. Copper comes up with a blood test. After a few deaths they complete a blood test using a hot wire. Palmer is exposed and attacks everyone,most of whom are tied up. The rest pass the test and out to Blair they go, who has built a tunnel that leads to a spaceship thing made up of stolen parts. They blow up the camp room by room until the showdown in the generator room. More explosions. Macready and Child’s are the only survivors. I think macready is the thing…

The prequel. American and Norwegian scientists discover an alien spacecraft and specimen. They bring the alien inside where is wakes up and starts imitating the crew. Katie discovers that the copied version rejects inorganic material, such as fillings and jewelry.

Man vs Man
Man vs other
Even more duh
Man vs environment
Constantly battling weather conditions, cold, and isolation

The theme music in this episode is URBAN JUNGLE 2061 by Eric Matyas www.soundimage.org

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